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Accounting Documents
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If you have been looking for a sustainable bookkeeping solution for your company, look no further


Our top accountants can help your company's records be complete and accurate through our detailed processes and industry experience.

Business Meeting
Process Consulting & Analysis

Our strength is analysis at LUHU. We spend time learning your processes, so we can find opportunities in how to operate more efficiently. 

Don't have any procedures or support materials saved in your internal framework? No problem, we can ensure that all your procedures are all documented and accessible to the company's staff

Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable Management

Our team of experienced professionals can help you manage accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, and more. We can track all invoices due to your current vendors and process payments in a timely. We can also track money owed to your business form customers due from your customers through our well designed processes and efficient accounting technology. With our comprehensive bookkeeping solutions, you can rest assured that all of your financial information will be accurate and up to date.

Bank & Credit Card Reconciliations

Let us help u accurately balance your credit card and bank statement(s). Our team will send out accurate reconciliation reporting to your business. We will also communicate to you any unusual activity and recommend cost saving opportunities along with our reports.

Financial Statement Preparation & Analysis

We can create financial statements on a monthly, semi-annual or/and annual basis for your business. Not only, can we put together your financials, but we can also provide an in-depth analysis of the financial statements.

Software Expertise

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Why choose us?

Our bookkeeping services provide accurate and timely tracking of all your financial transactions. We offer a comprehensive suite of services that will ensure your books are kept up to date and in line with the latest accounting standards.

We see accounting like you do at LUHU

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